As I began to create the world of PSEUDOVIDA I found myself in search of an emotion - a longing for something I did not yet know- memories from a life I have not yet lived, the desire to recognize patterns that have not been unraveled, a longing to see change, although no time has passed. PSEUDOVIDA has seen many faces; with a grounding in the ideas of deception, this project has also taken on the practicing of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional craft, the necessity to pay attention to precise details, and a praising for an irreverence towards the daily influences of shelved consumerism. In observing the everyday present, one is able to realize that we are living surrounded by present day Americana, though whatever is given to us we simply consume without question to what is real or not. Whatever is presented as real, masses will accept, and that can be such a great thing given you are on the right side of the situation. This is my taking advantage of that and making things appear how I imagine them in my own false world of PSEUDOVIDA.