Facing Melancholy

Welcome to a comforting meditation exhibition, Facing Melancholy. Installed in MOMA PS1, this exhibition allows your melancholic emotions such as alienation, futility, lethargy, loneliness, and solitude. The main theme of this exhibition is 'melancholy.' In our daily life, a lot of people consider negative emotions such as melancholy are not good. So we are hiding our melancholic emotions, but they are nothing bad but just one of our feelings. This exhibition suggests you face yourself and find your own melancholy for inner peace. Facing Melancholy is a collection of photography and paintings done by three chosen artists: Lala Choi, Eunsoul Eom, and Januz Miralles. Each of chosen artists expressed their melancholic feelings using their own mediums in the form of visual language. Printed on translucent drapes, the artworks are designed to make everyone at the exhibition isolate from others to take their own time to focus on comforting their own feelings. Also, in this exhibition, artworks are collaged with selected quotes from poetry to encourage the viewers. Now, take a moment to look at not only the artworks but also your own hidden emotions.