A redesign of the website for Marvel Comics. The concept is the use of comic language. Comics have all the necessary elements of effective web design: hierarchy, organization, guiding the viewer’s eye, adaptability to different information, and a consistent visual texture. Using this language as a base, I was able to emphasize the characters, which are easily the most outstanding quality of the Marvel Comics universe. I wanted their personalities to bring life to the content, instead of using disembodied narratives. I felt humor was important, and something that would bring visitors returning to the site for more than just accessing information. I also tried to break the barriers of the space often, in order to give the space energy as if it were a comic. These elements let it easily adapt to the constantly evolving in-comic universe. When certain articles appear in the large featured article slider, they can effect the entire page for special events or promotions. The modular construction of the website makes it easily adaptable to other formats, like smartphones and tablets.