Akari: Accessory Dwelling Unit

Inspired by artist Isamu Noguchi’s Akari lanterns from the 1950s, The AKARI studio is affordable accessory dwelling unit designed and built by Chris DuBois. It is a translucent, light weight structure that is equipped with 6 wheels that allow the dweller to rotate or move the structure and roll it onto a bespoke trailer for long distance transport. Along with the A.D.U. itself, DuBois has made the branding, products, packaging, animations, and collateral while attending his senior year at the School of Visual arts. This project encapsulates his ability to create a concept and curate an experience that will hopefully inspire future D.I.Y. generations. Here is a behind the scene process to how I built the Akari studio prototype. It is an accessory dwelling unit bespoke to creative retreats, adventures, travel, and sharing with other creatives that need a space to get away. Today our attention is pulled apart by technology and media, so the Akari studio provides a space for us to digest technologically driven lives.