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Neon History

Neon History Neon History Neon History Neon History Neon History
Neon History is an interactive exhibition designed for the Neon Museum. The exhibition contains VR and AR artworks made by Amelia Shen. Shen’s virtual consists of degeneration of neon light, and offers a playful yet ominous glimpse of a future where old forms of advertisement extincted and replaced by LED light. Over the course of each day visitors experiencing the work simulate the street with vintage neon signs. After a while visitors can feel the contrast of time period impact on street scene. Virtual Reality as a new form of art can individuate neon art. Shen’s exhibition explores the material histories and futures of several Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality techniques and aesthetics, including historical views of different time period in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. Amelia Shen’s Neon History uses augmented reality (AR)—the overlay of virtual elements onto physical reality—to create a parallel dimension of vintage neon signs for the neon museum. Including the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.