In 2018, the president of the U.S targeted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and tried to cast doubt on her allegations when she bravely testified against U.S Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers in the summer of 1982. As a response, we created a dedicated Instagram account (@WhyIDidntReportIt) and a simple Instagram template for survivors all over the world to share the reasons why they didn't report their sexual assaults. Since the launch, we’ve received more than 30k+ stories from survivors all around the world. We want this project to provide empowering and meaningful experience and also bring together many survivors whose stories' have been silenced and denied. Featured in Webby Awards, New York Times, ABC News, ABC7NY, NY1, FOX 5, Corriere della Sera, Publico, AM NY, NY Daily News, Gothamist, WCBS, San Diego Union Tribune, Patch, La Voce Di NewYork, NY Daily News, AM NY, ABC Radio, COSAS Magazine, Times Union, Albany Times Union Newspaper, Korea Times, San Antonio Express, Escritura Feminista, 1010 Wins, News Every Time, The Breeze, AK Memon Tech, WOAY.TV, Eres Viral, Site4News, The Politico Post, World Blogs, NY Korea Radio and more..