Unknown Consequences-Thesis

This project started off as a political exhibition assignment for a 3D design class. I’ve chose the environmental topic : Global Warming. I wanted to create a space that is a personification of earth’s reaction to our brutal behaviors that are harming our environment. As the project goes on, I had an opportunity to expand this project to a commercial space as a pop-up shop collaborated with Anda Cafe in Brooklyn, New York. The realization that a lot of times people do not notice how their action may have affected other people, spices, or the environment. Packaging design for the cups and lips are made by corn fiber and screw is made by sugarcane fiber, which the whole packaging is biodegradable. The packaging is designed specifically for brown sugar milk boba. Logo and pop-up shop description are printed in white ink, so the customers only see them when they finish the drink or stir it because the milk and brown sugar do not blend together. Description on the cup: For a moment feel what the earth’s feelings... if not, you have just gone through a personification of the earth’s reaction to our behavior. The video you see in this installation is filmed with a high speed camera to capture the motion that our eyes can’t see. Similar to the many environmental issues, we may not see or experience such consequences first hand. However, other people, other species, our children, or our body might suffer from these unknown consequences. Knowing this, start spending that extra dollar for the long term benefit. The earth will be grateful and return you a huge favor! An indoor landscape is made by installation foams coded with table stew dust mixed with glue and home paints. The plants are all actual plants, they are all wired and connected with makey makey chipboard. So when the customers walk through the path and interact with the plants, the projection of the door window would have effects editing. It is a interruption of human’s involvement on environmental issues, that we unconsciously do things to harm our environments we might not see the outcome right away. But we all suffer from those consequences, and even other species and the people in other regions. There are three parts of video image that are projected with projection mapping software madmapper on projection film sheets. The door window projects a 57 minute long slow motion film that shot by myself with high speed camera. Upper window is a breathing logo that comes with sound indoor, and the side window has information of the environmental issues I addressed in the film. Silkscreen white ink poster on clear film sheets. There were 20 posters posted around New York City. please visit website for further info http://www.jonathanckao.com/unknown-consequences