Sten Typeface

Sten is a contemporary display serif typeface with Latin-style influences. It is based and inspired by the triangular wedge shape used to chisel sculptures and letters out of stone blocks. The making of Sten has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that I’ve done. It felt very appropriate that I spent my senior year taking a deep dive into creating a functioning typeface, and through experiments and iteration finding something new and exciting. Sten is Swedish and means Stone. The word can be traced back to the Old Norse. It was put in writing in 1225 when the Rune alphabet was replaced with the Latin alphabet. It is closely tied to Middle English stan, sto(o)n, Old English stān; German Stein; Icelandic steinn; Greek stī́a (which means pebble), Latin stīria (which means icicle). AWARDS: ADC One Show Young Ones / Typographic System