Portfolio Cube : Another

School of Visual Arts has a tradition of handing in portfolio at the end of the school year, this year is finally the year that I get to decide on the form of portfolio. During my senior year I had done so many experimenting projects and in class workshop at fine art department, and also I’ve done a thesis that ended up as an actual pop up shop. I’ve discover that design and art are inseparable. I have patience with both of them, and I need both of them in my work and in my life. They also let me express different sides of me, which is why I made this senior portfolio special. The shape and form are inspired by Privy Seal of Japan. It is one of the national seals and is the Emperor of Japan's official seal. It is cubic, and its inscription “The Emperor's Imperial Seal" is written in seal script, and it’s a symbol of supreme identity. 3D print 2.3 x2.3x 2.3 inch