EZOO 2020 Digital Branding

Electric Zoo is an annual electronic music festival held over Labor Day weekend in New York City on Randall's Island. The festival represents all genres of electronic music, bringing top international DJs and live acts from multiple countries to four stages. With the gradual rejuvenation of the audience of the electronic music festival and the experimental attempts of EZOO stage expressions, ezoo tries to establish itself as the latest generation of music festivals, with the future as the core of the brand. Based on the current development status of EZOO, I created the new EZOO logo by using simple geometric to pursue the minimal and futuristic feeling. From a strategic perspective, 2020 will be the best time for EZOO to enter a new era and elevate the value of the entire brand. Unlike the previous theme of animals every year, I tried to use the mysterious animal - dinosaur as the theme element of EZOO 2020, and integrated it into all the surrounding derivatives of EZOO. Taking into account the social habits of young music festival audiences, I also established an EZOO 2020 Instagram account, which includes digital display logo, archive icon, social post format, etc. EZOO 2020's social account will promote the brand itself in three different time periods before, during, and after the festival, retaining potential participants while attracting new entrants.