59E59 Theater Identity Rebrand

59E59 Theaters is theater complex located in New York City, that shows both Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway 59E59 Theaters is a not-for-profit foundation that is dedicated to bringing innovative and experimental work to the underserved East Side of Manhattan. In order to present their high quality stage show with newest experience, 59E59 Theaters merge interactive stage lighting equipment into their show. Due to the new generation perspective of 59E59 Theaters’ pursuing, I have created an identity that simplifies this message by using “Orbitron”as the logotype, with multiple letterforms customized to keep the system better. Color corresponds to 3 theaters and 1 music bar in the 59E59 Theater. Green for dance focus theater, red for general theater, yellow for comedy focus theater, and blue for music bar. For consistency and simplicity, color and Letters been used to represent different space