The MAD MAX Skull

I started with a plain plastic skull and the task emulate a certain person, fictional or real. I chose MAD MAX, and first started by extending the jaw with flat pieces of metal. Then I created teeth from more pieces of metal and glued them onto the mouth. Next I gathered some rusty old bike gears, chains and music boxes and installed them into the skull. There are two music boxes in the skulls mouth and one of them still works. If you twist the knob, It will play a haunting and broken tune. Finally I used a rusting paint to distress the skull and make it look like it truly belongs in MAD MAX. The sculpture, like most of my 3D work is designed to hang. Over time teeth would fall off the sculpture because I used infamous hot glue to hold everything together. I actually liked the missing teeth because it offered a better view at the mechanical heart of the skull.