Visualizing Time

Visualizing Time Visualizing Time
The concept of time is a very complex idea and is very difficult to comprehend. How could I possibly show the history of the universe in just one image? So much has happened within the 13.8 billion years the universe has existed, and who am I to judge the importance of events that have occurred within that time? I’m just one person, who will live up to maybe 100 years at most. With that in mind, I distanced my personal existence and perception from the assignment, and I tried to view the history of the universe from an objective point of view. I created a time-lapse of candles burning because it’s a representation of showing time both literally and metaphorically. The candle symbolizes time itself [existing before any action], by sparking it [Bigbang] it is set to motion, and even after the flames die down the candles will always proceed to exist. Time also moves at an erratic rate where it’s heavily dependent on external variables. I wanted to communicate how a specific time frame might seem so far away yet it will be gone before you realize it.