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Calma & Cura

Calma & Cura Calma & Cura Calma & Cura Calma & Cura Calma & Cura
At Calma & Cura, we merge the two worlds of dermatitis treatment and beauty so you no longer have to compromise. Dermatitis should not leave you out of a luxurious cosmetic experience using products not only because you need them, but using them because you love them, too. People who suffer from dermatitis have always learned to conceal, conceal, conceal. On one shelf you have your toss-up inflammatory makeup and cosmetics in pretty packaging. On the other, are the ointments, the creams, and anything drab and between. Too many people who suffer from dermatitis are left out of the conversation when it comes to beauty products. Whether it’s a good skin day or a bad one, we’re eczema-safe, and eczema friendly - always!