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First Mood Aid

First Mood Aid First Mood Aid First Mood Aid First Mood Aid First Mood Aid First Mood Aid
The logo for this brand is a cheerful and uncomplicated design featuring a heart with wings that resemble hands embracing you. The heart has a cartoonish appearance and a wide smile that exudes happiness and delight, it is adorned with a nurse hat, symbolizing aid and assistance.. For this project, I got inspiration from my daily experience and designed a first aid kit that can help individuals during their most challenging moments. While this kit does not contain traditional first aid items, it includes candies and stickers instead. According to research, consuming sugar can increase feelings of happiness, which in turn can counteract negative thoughts. The packaging for First Mood Aid kit is designed to look like a traditional first aid kit, but with a playful twist. The kit contains candies instead of pills, and stickers instead of band-aids.