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Wafels+ Wafels+ Wafels+ Wafels+
Wafels and Dinges sells authentic Belgian, Brussels and Liege waffles all with a variety of textures and consistencies. To compliment the warm decadent waffles they provide a wide range of "dinges" or toppings from belgium chocolate syrup to bananas and whipped cream. Thomas DeGeest was designated by the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs to be the country’s Special Envoy for Wafels. The Belgium native runs his waffle truck after mastering waffle-making in Belgium. From a Flemish/Belgian Dutch slang, ding, that translates into ‘thing’. In other words, ’Waffles and Things’. In this case, ‘things’ would be the different variety of toppings. Most people mispronounce, and even don't understand what dinges means. So I decided to rename the name to just 'Wafels +' and the whole system of dinges would be replaced by a simplified iconographies to make the process of selecting the dinges a lot quicker and easier.