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Verbal Abuse Forum

Verbal Abuse Forum Verbal Abuse Forum Verbal Abuse Forum Verbal Abuse Forum Verbal Abuse Forum Verbal Abuse Forum
In my second year of school, I took a psychology class. From that class I learned that the early education plays a crucial role in people’s life. Then I started to think about how my childhood and my personality relate. I grew up in a traditional Chinese family. My parents believed encouragement makes kids arrogant, so I grew up with criticism. No matter what I do, I was never good enough to my parents. The effect to my adulthood is I am pessimistic, I am not confident enough and take people’s words personally. Now I believe verbal abuse happened in my childhood. It seemed harmless because my parents thought they did the right thing, and it was good for me. Since I grew up, I know the power of language, because I have been hurt before. Then I use this weapon to hurt others, even some times it is not tensional. There will be a great possibility that these people pass this negative power to others. I would like to design an event that shows the facts of verbal abuse to the public, so it can be reduced, or and least people can be aware of the existence of this negative power. The visual metaphor to present the infection of verbal abuse is the domino chips: one effects the next one. The color will be black and yellow, so it has a sense of warning.