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AR app: Sculpmark

AR app: Sculpmark AR app: Sculpmark AR app: Sculpmark AR app: Sculpmark
Sculpmark is a community for people who value different cultures and love sculpture arts. Sculpmark allows you to put your favorite sculpture anywhere in the world as your mark (think of it as a flag). The key that attracts people to travel is culture. Now all the different cultures are represented by their sculptures around you. By interacting with marks placed by others, you can get a taste of their culture through their traditional sculptures. You can always add people to your friend list to have an even deeper conversation. Love their sculpture but cannot make the trip? Simply make a "deal" with your new friend and switch in one of your sculptures representing your region/culture. If you do not travel very often, this community is still for you. You can go to the local museum or our event to receive new sculptures and make a trade with your friends to expand your collection. When it's go time, you are ready to leave your mark all over the world. (Full project: