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Roadshow Roadshow Roadshow Roadshow Roadshow
Experimental editorial art book. From the last few pages: "This book is a culmination of my own philosophies, thoughts, and musings about value, meaning, price, relationship, perspective, and so on. As I was creating it, I was not thinking about any other point of view other than mine. In a way, it is a rather selfish and greedy book. But it is a book for me, so I think it's okay to be a little selfish." Taking twenty items from the television series Antiques Roadshow, I curated and designed content based on themes of: value, price, memory, narrative, and experience. What may be precious to one, may be expendable to others. Who determines what "value" really is? The book is divided into three sections: the expected, the unexpected, and the space between the two. Included are my own writings that are a personal reflection about these topics.