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BARCLAYS Challenge

BARCLAYS Challenge BARCLAYS Challenge BARCLAYS Challenge BARCLAYS Challenge BARCLAYS Challenge
This work was a redesign of the Barclays Banking app. Our challenge was to create a banking app for neurodivergent people. First, I researched on neurodivergent People. I found that most of them suffer from ADHD and dyslexia, have poor concentration, and often forget important things. So I tried to make a user-friendly app as much as possible. There are many different types of neurodivergent people. So the first feature I came up with was to have different types of people with disabilities use different versions of the Easy-to-Use app. I made it possible for people through a short survey. The second feature is the QR code. Because they often forget the PIN that is usually used in the bank process. So I allow them to add it to Apple Wallet like other cards. And the third feature is the voice support system. They can get voice help by moving the buttons like a moving home button on an iPhone. So they can use the voice support system only where they need it. The last thing I prepared thinking I could design this app more was to create a section where they could prepare for the future financially. People usually think that neurodivergent people are not interested in the future and have no worries about preparation for old age, but they are also financially worried and want to be independent. So I’m working on making this part. Well, the challenge about the neurodivergent people was so difficult and I couldn’t get a clue at first, but the more I kept working on it, the more I learned about them I didn’t know. Also, the app wasn’t actually launched, but it was a proud work.