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SPOTIFY Challenge

SPOTIFY Challenge SPOTIFY Challenge SPOTIFY Challenge SPOTIFY Challenge SPOTIFY Challenge
This work was to redesign the Spotify app so that Gen.Z could use the audiobook of the Spotify app better. Many people use Spotify, but actually most of them don’t use audiobooks. I thought the first problem was that there was no navigation to the audiobook and there was no part about the audiobook on the app homepage. So first, I changed the homepage design. I added the ‘audio’ part to the navigation bar, and when I entered the audio section, I put the audiobook navigation in the top bar. So I tried to increase people’s accessibility. Also, I added this week’s audiobook ranking and free audiobook section to the homepage so that people get more interested in audiobooks even when they are looking for music. Secondly, I changed the payment method for the audiobook. Currently, the process of paying for audiobooks is complicated in the Spotify app. So I made a simple payment method by using Apple Pay. Third, I made it possible for people to see the reviews. Gen.Z is sensitive to other people’s reactions and opinions. By reading other people’s reviews, people can know other people’s reactions without Googling. Also, they can easily access the audiobook. The fourth was to create a ‘statistic’ section. After researching various audiobook app, I found some app has statistics part. I wanted to make people read more audiobooks harder by looking at audiobook statistics, even if they feel competitive while looking at other people’s averages. Lastly, it’s the Recap part that can be said to be Spotify’s strength. Spotify has “Recap” at the end of each year, showing how many songs I listened to, what kind of songs I listened to a lot, what is my favorite song and who is my favorite artist. Also, the app allows people to capture the recap so that they can easily post it on their SNS. I thought I could use this in audiobooks, especially for Gen.Z. So I made an “Audio Book Recap” that shows how many audiobooks I listened to, what was my favorite audiobook, and what category of audiobooks I listened to. I wasn’t interested in Spotify’s audiobook and I didn’t even know it had an audiobook, but I found out while working on it. The process of targeting users and thinking about how to seduce people was so much fun.