Rat-Hattan Rat-Hattan Rat-Hattan Rat-Hattan
Rats are the realest New Yorkers. They know every nook, cranny,
and secret spot in the city; in other words, the best tour guide for an authentic New York City experience. Rat-Hattan is designed for those who want to see the quirks of the city, view the odd spots, see the unseen. Users can interact with their local NYC surroundings spontaneously and organically. The app compiles the best local spots to eat, drink, socialize, shop, view art, and sleep in the city while avoiding cliche spots, and keeps factors like navigation simple. With the tap of a smartphone, people who are new to NYC and those who are tired of the typical, cliche NYC tourism spots, get to know their surroundings better. Rat-Hattan allows people to really explore and feel like a part of the city, rather than an outside visitor. It exposes the parts of the city that are overlooked or hard to find but without the effort of searching for it.